The University of Wolverhampton are a leading Higher Education Institute serving the local, national and the global student community. The University benefits from award winning, state of the art facilities and excellent links to the community, businesses and international partnerships.

The University is founded on innovation and recognises the challenges and responses required to manage Climate Change. The University, with an annual energy cost of £2.75M and a carbon footprint of 16,750 tonnes were keen to manage costs and lead on mitigating climate change.


Briar have worked with over 50 Universities developing Carbon Management and Energy Saving Programmes and were privileged to assist the University of Wolverhampton. The Carbon Management Plan assessed Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and delivered a costed 5 year programme of projects. The programme worked to embed environmental commitments at all levels through the University and was led by Henry Gun-Why, Director of Estates and sponsored by Jane Nelson, The Pro VC.

Achievements & Benefits

The CMP was endorsed by Professor Caroline Gipps, Vice Chancellor with the Governors committing a £2M investment programme to reduce carbon emissions by 25% over 5 years.

The University have pro-actively advanced the programme with many positive outcomes and estimate that annual energy savings of over £0.5M per year are being delivered through this programme.

  • Major investment into Combined Heat and Power
  • LED lighting and control refurbishments
  • Variable Speed Drive and VO programmes
  • BMS and control upgrades
  • Staff and student awareness initiatives

Briar have been pleased to assist the Estates Department with the design and project management of Low Carbon investments to support the programme. This has included the management of annual programmes advanced through Salix funding.

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