Specsavers, as a growing global brand, are committed to sustainable development and forging environmental best practice. They have active programmes on energy, waste and water and these have delivered significant financial and carbon savings.

Briar have worked closely with Specsavers to deliver water savings through surveys, leakage investigation and retrospective rebates. The reform of the Scottish Water market provided a further opportunity through competitive water procurement.

Project Description

Briar collated water bills from 73 sites and undertook assessment of historic billing to achieve water benchmarking, retrospective rebates and tariff structure improvements.

Whilst savings were immediately realised through installing water meters, rather than billing on the basis of Rateable Value, the most significant future saving was delivered through competitive water service procurement.

A specification for the water supplies was prepared to enable a competitive tender to all water suppliers in Scotland. Negotiations were then undertaken to find the most cost effective supplier and agree the service levels and appropriate billing. The successful supplier was Aimera and we worked collaboratively to manage a seamless switch over process from the existing supplier.

Benefits to Specsavers

  • Annual water savings projected at £27,000 per year
  • Centralised electronic water billing
  • Accurate bills based on regular meter readings
  • Briar Account Manager and helpline to resolve issues and account
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