National Grid operate to manage the safe, reliable and sustainable electricity infrastructure across the UK. Sustainability is integrated into decision making to preserve natural resources, create value and manage the interests of communities. Recognising the opportunity to reduce Carbon emissions and deliver saving across their 250 operational sites. National grid were keen to embed energy efficiency and carbon reduction through their operational engineering staff, who with relevant training could add to their day-to-day engineering skills to work to identify energy saving opportunities to reduce the £8.3M/year energy bill.

Briar Associates proposed a staged approach including:

Energy Audits: Conducted at representative sites to establish the opportunities for saving. Identify measures and calculate savings and financial paybacks. The Audits established the key generic saving opportunities and enabled analyses, visual photographs and survey techniques to be developed for dissemination within the Energy Champion workshops.

Energy Champion Workshops: A series of workshops, for a voluntary network of Energy Champions, to dissemi-nate the key saving opportunities and enable operational staff to undertake energy audits and manage saving improvements.

Technical Design Solutions: Investigation and specification of generic energy efficiency solutions for common service issues. This also enabled an economy of scale in rolling out solutions across the sites.

The programme identified measures to save over £800k per year within an attractive 2 year payback period. The Energy Champion team are enthusiastic to deliver the savings, working on encouraging local site staff to be cognisant of energy waste and also managing a range of energy saving projects.

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