Project Overview

Briar Associates initially carried out a technical feasibility study and financial appraisal co-funded by the Carbon Trust to assess the practical options and energy saving potential from decentralising the outdated steam boilerplant, distribution and condense return systems at Brighton General Hospital.

Sussex Community NHS Trust further engaged Briar Associates directly to support the implementation by providing detailed M&E design and project management services.

The programme involved replacing large inefficient central steam boiler plant and distribution systems with high efficiency independent local condensing boilers with fully automated building management control system to provide centralised heating control across the site. The domestic hot water calorifier systems were also replaced by a mix of high efficiency plate heat exchangers and point of use water heaters, significantly reducing secondary circulation losses.

Key Details

  • Major steam decentralisation, boiler replacement and infrastructure upgrade project
  • £1.4m project cost delivered over 2 phases 2008 – 2010
  • Complex project delivered in working hospital
  • Annual cost savings of approx. £130,000
  • Approx. 1,000t annual CO2 savings
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