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The Constellation Trust is a group of seven primary schools; two secondary schools; and one alternative provision school located in East Yorkshire, each committed to working collaboratively to provide the highest quality educational experience for pupils.


“Briar provided peace of mind that our Trust was compliant with the new carbon reporting requirements of SECR. The support meant we didn’t have to worry about the complexity of the data gathering or understanding what needed to be included in the report. The team was really easy to work with and took the pain away of needing to comply. For a large Trust like ours it is also really helpful to be able to turn to Briar for a joined up approach to all things energy from an organisation that has taken the time to understand us and our needs.”

Robert Kennington, Director of Finance & Business The Constellation Trust


Supporting mandatory carbon reporting for the first time under SECR

We first started working with The Constellation Trust when we procured new gas and electricity contracts. Historically the Trust had procured its energy through a Public Sector Buying Organisation (PBO), but it sought a solution that offered greater choice and flexibility, along with better visibility of energy spend. We helped the Trust to forward purchase its energy to take advantage of low wholesale costs, resulting in a significant saving.

The Constellation Trust was one of a number of MATs that needed to comply with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) for the first time in 2020, which required the Trust to submit a report quantifying its carbon footprint within its annual report.

SECR was introduced in April 2019 to simplify energy and carbon reporting and to encourage qualified organisations to implement energy efficiency measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Constellation Trust sought our help to ensure it was complying with the new reporting requirements. We assigned a project manager to ensure all aspects of SECR reporting was delivered on time. The programme involved compiling the required data; undertaking the calculations and reporting requirements; and assessing the current performance of the Trust.

We collated a range of energy data and set standard documented methodologies for data collection on a year-by-year basis and produced the required SECR report to be included within the Trust’s financial report. Our work included the development of a three-year strategy to deliver energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

The SECR annual report will raise the profile of energy efficiency at board level, influencing decisions and driving the strategic consideration of energy efficiency and low carbon opportunities. This strategy will be valuable in delivering the immediate cost-effective energy improvements, driving The Constellation Trust’s strategic direction to Net Zero 2050.

Briar has also arranged water contracts, helping the Trust to take advantage of better prices and customer service following deregulation of the market, as well as the delivery of Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and associated optimisation reports.

Most recently Briar supported the Trust’s successful application for funding under the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.



A-Z of Compliance

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The Constellation Trust - Case Study

Supporting mandatory carbon reporting for the first time under SECR

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