Synseal is the UK’s fastest growing window and conservatory systems manufacturer. Plastic extrusion is a high volume manufacturing process in which plastic is melted into a continuous profile. The product is cooled by pulling the extruded section through a water bath and then cut to the desired length. It is these water baths and the water vapour losses that consume the vast majority of the water on site.

Synseal has achieved the ISO14001 Environmental accreditation and is committed to reducing waste. The company commissioned Briar to provide a comprehensive water survey to establish cost effective and practical water saving recommendations.


This programme commenced with identifying an historical water audit from the water bills. This enabled the comparison of water consumption to production and benchmarks for the industry, which provided an indicator of savings potential. In order to provide accurate information on potential water saving initiatives, the survey detailed the water consumption to all processes and water consuming activities. This provided a clear picture of how much water was being consumed, as well as the cost and current performance against industry standards. Understanding the volumes of water being used by each process enabled the evaluation of savings and effective recommendations to be defined.


The implementation of the recommendations identified will lead to annual water savings of 13,196m³ and cost savings of approximately £27,711. The investment cost is estimated at £23,500 to provide a payback period of just 0.8 years. This will deliver a 24% reduction in the volume of water and a 22% reduction in the financial cost of water.

Client Comment

“This report has been extremely valuable. We now have a clear plan of where we should be concentrating our water saving investment along with financial details of the potential opportunities.”

Andrew Walker, Purchasing Manager

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