water audit

Project Overview

Bio Products Laboratory Ltd (BPL) produce pharmaceutical treatments from the complex transformation of plasma. The manufacturing requires significant water for both processes and for sterilisation.

Briar Associates were engaged to work closely with the sites engineering staff to audit water flow throughout the site, identifying points of consumption and opportunities to improve operations and controls. The key objective was to reduce water loading on the effluent plant that was at its discharge limits and could not support the planned expansion in production.


The aim was to provide an audit of water consumption throughout the production process to identify the volumes of water used and rejected from each process, to ultimately reduce the amount of water directed to the effluent plant.

The water balance provided comprehensive information on the flow of water throughout the production processes. This lead to immediate operational and control savings; in particular non-contaminated water streams were identified for re-use/recycling within the process, or directed away from the effluent treatment plant directly to drains. The reduction in effluent loadings achieved on the plant has released the capacity to achieve the expansion of the production facilities.

water auditing

The majority of sites across the UK only have the main incoming water meter to track consumption. This should be checked for accuracy and it also does not provide hourly/daily/weekly profiles and can’t provide data on water consumption in a particular area/process. Our ultrasonic water meters can do this and are useful in the identification of potential water leakages. The investment we have made in the latest measuring equipment means that we can deploy several meters at any site in the UK to provide accurate and reliable data. This usually delivers significant water and cost savings.

Client Comment:

“The use of the ultrasonic water meters has been essential in this project. We now have clear profile data of water consumption at each stage of our process.”

- Graham Davies, BPL Project Manager

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