Solar PV Solutions

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Embrace renewable energy to improve operational efficiency, save money and reduce carbon


Solar Photovoltaics (PV) offer organisations the opportunity to reduce reliance on grid-imported electricity and to avoid exposure to the volatile wholesale energy market, while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable energy and net zero targets.

Briar Technical Services specialises in solar PV design & consultancy solutions for businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK. Our comprehensive services, ranging from feasibility studies to system implementation, ensure a seamless transition to clean, renewable energy.

Our Solar PV service offering has been designed to align with the RIBA stages. The RIBA stages define the key stages of each project from feasibility, through design to completion and post-completion.


RIBA Stage 2: Solar PV Feasibility

Our solar PV feasibility study evaluates your site's potential for solar power generation and identifies the optimal system configuration. The outcome of the feasibility study is a detailed evaluation of estimated system size, generated energy, installation costs, carbon savings, pay back periods and lifetime carbon savings.

As part of the scheme, we will consider incoming electricity supply, low voltage distribution and infrastructure, containment, roof layouts and metering. We will carry out due diligence of the existing electrical utility bills, non-half-hourly data and half-hourly data, to ascertain size and viability of PV array. We will carry out a dynamic simulation using industry approved software to provide feasibility output as detailed in the proposal.

RIBA Stage 3: Solar PV Performance Design

We will attend design team meetings throughout the programme; develop the electrical services strategy for the solar PV installation; and review the proposed electrical services strategy against utility bills, non-half-hourly data and half-hourly data. We will liaise with the utility providers to ensure designs are feasible with the current constraints of existing utility services.

We will provide indicative design intent drawings, detailing proposed electrical service routes, containment routes, metering applications and inverter locations for client approval to proceed to RIBA stage 4.

RIBA Stage 4: Solar PV Technical Design

We will calculate the required size/capacity of all alternating current (‘AC’) electrical equipment required for the proposed solar PV installation.

We will fully specify all Solar PV panels, inverters, electrical containment, and electrical distribution equipment for the project and produce fully co-ordinated technical drawings for the solar PV installation including the following services: solar PV layout, containment layout, cable schedule, and distribution schedule. We will produce the electrical specification for the solar PV installations for a contractor to work in accordance with.

RIBA Stage 5 - Construction / Handover / Snagging, Witness Testing etc.

We will attend site-based construction team meetings; monitor contractor proposals and designs where necessary; monitor electrical installations on site in line with our electrical specifications and drawings. Where agreed, we will produce site progress reports specifically noting any items of concern. We will attend site to witness commission and testing of solar PV installations.

We will fully review all operating and maintenance (O&M) information including all electrical testing and certification documents. We will fully snag the complete electrical and solar PV installations and provide a working document for review. We will undertake a 12-month defect review of the installation and provide a further working document for review.


Project Management

We can provide project management as part of our Service for RIBA stages 4 and/or 5. We will hold progress meetings with contracted parties and manage the tender process and contractor procurement. We will monitor project progress in accordance with the installation programme and manage costs against agreed contract sum. We monitor electrical and Solar PV installations throughout the installation programme manage commissioning, snagging and handover of electrical and Solar PV installations.


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