Energy Audits

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Identify, understand, quantify, and prioritise the energy saving opportunities across your site


A building energy audit provides a comprehensive review of the energy used across your sites to gain insight into areas where cost effective energy, operating and carbon savings can be achieved.

Benefits of an energy audit:

  1. Identify areas to reduce energy consumption
  2. Identify efficiency defects with equipment
  3. Personalised recommendations to improve energy efficiency
  4. Reduce carbon footprint
  5. Pays for itself through energy efficiency quick wins

Why an energy audit?

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In order to meet the UK’s Net Zero Carbon target, organisations need to take decisive action in decarbonising their buildings. Energy audits can play a key role in identifying the path to reducing carbon emissions though a strategic plan of works, while delivering immediate cost savings.

Building energy audits involve thorough investigation into all energy end users and can help to solve building performance issues in addition to reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and operating costs.

An audit typically identifies a range of practical low cost and no cost measures, together with a range of longer-term investment measures.

The audit provides quantification of the costs, savings, and estimated return on investment of each opportunity identified.

The savings identified through low cost and no cost measures typically pay for the audit within a year.

The process

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Our energy audit service always begins with an understanding of your aims and objectives.

Our experienced consultants then gather all the energy consumption data relating to your building services and other energy users to understand the patterns and profile of consumption. Comprehensive site surveys are then undertaken with a focus on any agreed key areas to meet your objectives.

The output of the audit is a detailed report which includes a project register of energy saving measures, itemising recommendations, and setting strategies for implementation. This will provide you with insights into your energy consumption and allow the prioritisation of the identified energy saving measures.

The report is followed up with advice around funding and implementation.

“The energy audit has been an incredibly valuable exercise for our school, and a perfect starting point in the development of our whole school approach to environmental sustainability. The audit has helped us to identify and prioritise our energy saving opportunities. The consultants from Briar have delivered a high-quality technical report which not only serves our trustees and senior leaders, but can also be used as a powerful learning opportunity for our pupils.”

Gemma Tunstall
Finance and Business Manager
Wellington School

Why choose Briar for your energy audit?

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Zenergi’s technical division, Briar, has been advising organisations on energy saving, cost reduction and carbon compliance for more than 30 years. During this time, we have supported clients with successful funding solutions, electrical and mechanical design services and project management to deliver significant energy and carbon savings.

Our team of experienced and qualified energy engineers are trusted to deliver expert advice and to support clients in achieving their objectives.

As a trusted partner to industry and professional associations across the country, our team are ready to support your energy and cost saving targets.


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