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Public Sector - Working with local authorities, schools, healthcare facilities, and other public sector organisations to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Offering customised solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower energy costs.

Buildings Sector - Briar works with building owners, operators, and tenants to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their buildings. We offer services to assess and identify practical, cost effective solutions, combining low carbon technologies with effective controls and operation within the building. Our focus on demonstrating and verifying savings develops valuable knowledge and experience for our clients.

Industrial Sector - Helping industrial clients identify and implement energy-saving measures, optimise their energy usage through process improvements, and comply with energy regulations such as ESOS and SECR. We specialise in providing solutions for energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, and offer a range of other services to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and lower their costs.

Briar is a reliable and experienced partner for businesses seeking to achieve their sustainability goals while also improving their financial performance. With our comprehensive range of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions, Briar is committed to helping clients in the public, buildings, and industrial sectors reduce their energy consumption, lower their costs, and meet their carbon compliance obligations. Regardless of the industry, our expertise and commitment to sustainability make us an ideal partner for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment while achieving their commercial goals.


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