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Briar have developed our B-CoRe system to manage ESOS Compliance and provide a management system for the proactive implementation of the recommendations.  We have delivered over 130 ESOS Phase 1 programme (2.1% of all UK programmes) and this has identified practical savings in excess of £26m per annum (13.8% savings).

Our clients have particularly benefited from our approach to focus on fast track savings where we identified £12.6m per annum (6.8%) savings, with a payback of less than 4 months, recovering our fees and more within the financial year.

We pride ourselves on delivering a financial success for each client and this starts with the ESOS strategy.

ESOS Phase Three – December 2023 Deadline

ESOS phase 3 is now open, and UK businesses have until December 2023 to comply. If your organisation was in scope for ESOS phase 1 & 2, it is very likely that phase 3 also applies to you too, however, this may not be the case if the size of your company has changed during this time.

Get in touch with Briar today to arrange a survey and to discuss your options.

Telephone us today to speak to an ESOS lead assessor and we guarantee to design an ESOS strategy, with a quotation for work within 15-30 minutes.  This will be followed up by a strategy report and fee quotation, usually the same day. 

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    Why You Should Take Immediate Action

    ESOS Phase 1 was introduced with less than 12 months remaining before the reporting deadline, leading to a rush to comply and pressure on the availability of Lead Assessors. As a result the quality of ESOS Assessments was mixed, with 80% of those audited by the Environment Agency listed as non-compliant or in need of remedial action.

    In contrast Briar ‘B-Core’ methodology has passed regulatory audits, ensuring successful compliance for our clients. We delivered over 130 ESOS Phase 1 programmes, including 430 site audits that identified over £26m of annual cost savings of which almost half required little or no capital investment.

    With energy prices set to rise over the next 5 years due to a confirmed 50% increase in government levies, and wholesale energy prices rebounding from recent 10 year lows, now is a good time to work to minimise energy use and achieve ESOS compliance along the way.

    Additional benefits include:      Cost savings, increasing profit    Staff benefit, improved working conditions and ventilation etc.  ✓  Improved environment for customers

    Why Briar

    Internal Lead Assessors

    Briar have 4 in-house ESOS Lead Assessors with a combined relevant experience of 124 years between them.

    Delivering Savings

    Our audits identified over £26m/year in cost savings, with almost £13m/year requiring little or no capital investment, repaying our fees in one month.

    ESOS Experience

    We delivered over 130 successful ESOS Phase 1 programmes, including 430 site audits and 51 transport audits.

    Technical Knowledge

     We have the Technical Engineering ‘know how’ to introduce appropriate Saving Technologies, ranging from low tech solutions through to renewable energy.

    Case Studies

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    Avoid the rush for ESOS compliance in 2019 by engaging with Briar Associates now. We will work with you to identify and implement energy saving opportunities, making compliance a cash-neutral activity. Call us today on 01384 397777 or use the enquiry form below:

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