Zen Zero is our package of products, services, and advice to assist clients in attaining Net Zero, including a broad range of Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies and a Roadmap with key milestones.

Energy efficiency can drive increased profit and reduce the risk from rising energy and carbon prices.

It assists the UK nationally to provide security of energy supplies and supports the transition to a low-carbon economy. Zen Zero has been designed to help organisations do just that by providing informative, expert advice and to recommend achievable targets and deliverable schemes.



Zen Zero will create a Roadmap that sets out the targets and potential carbon and energy savings through deployment of Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) and innovative technologies and solutions.

This could include, but is not restricted to:

  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Wind Turbines
  • Battery Technology
  • CHP
  • Fuel Cells

The Roadmap will include a clear Net Zero strategy containing a broad range of deliverable schemes that can be taken forward for budget approval.

In preparing the Roadmap, we will link with existing environmental management systems, such as SECR, ESOS, CCA and CRC reporting mechanisms to establish the carbon footprint. For instances where there is no previous data match or there are variances between all of the existing reporting mechanisms, we will work collaboratively with you to develop a Roadmap that meets your requirements.

Service levels to suit your individual requirements

Our service is designed to manage your Net Zero programme for the duration of the Roadmap and beyond. Zen Zero is a flexible package available in three service levels to suit individual organisations’ budget and resources.

Zen Zero Assist is suitable for organisations with experienced energy managers or engineers capable of delivering robust energy reporting, but who lack the skills to identify LZC energy efficiency measures. Working alongside your representatives, we will identify such measures, together with cost benefit analysis and the completion of B-CoRE.

Zen Zero Manage is suitable for organisations that do not have energy manager/ engineer resources in house, but do have readily available energy reporting and some knowledge of energy efficiency measures that have been implemented.

Zen Zero Attain is a holistic approach, where we will take control of the process and access all energy data, identifying energy efficiencies, the completion of B-CoRE and the application of offsetting.

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