Worcestershire County Council’s PEEP programme helps organisations in the county to protect their budget by accessing free advice and a comprehensive survey.

Managed and administered by Worcestershire County Council and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the PEEP programme can help protect your organisation against rising energy costs.

At a time when energy prices are reaching new record highs and the market is clouded with uncertainty, organisations and businesses across the UK are looking at ways they can reduce energy consumption and become more efficient.

A practical energy assessment can help identify energy saving opportunities which can reduce costs in both the short, and long-term to improve sustainability and protect your budget.

Take Advantage of a free energy survey

If your school building is owned by an organisation that receives over 50% of its main funding from central or local government, you are likely to be eligible to apply for a free energy assessment. The PEEP programme is divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Energy assessment

A free practical assessment of your nominated building undertaken by Briar. The survey is typically carried out in half a day and followed up with a report identifying the opportunities for savings on energy, carbon and costs, including the payback period for the various measures identified.

Stage 2: Grant funding

A total of £1.3 million of grant funding is available for energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects identified in the assessment. Grants are available for between £2,000 and £200,000, representing a maximum 40% of the total net project costs.

Mitigating High Energy Costs

In September 2021, UK energy prices saw a dramatic increase, reaching new record highs which resulted in a number of suppliers going out of business and many industries put under pressure due to rising costs and disruption to supply chains.

The Public Sector was no exception to these added pressures, with many organisations facing uncertainty due to the volatile financial climate, with no indication to when the bullish trend may cease.

If you have been unsuccessful in accessing funding from the highly oversubscribed PSDS scheme, talk to us to understand the options to part-fund your energy efficiency measures through PEEP.

Get In Touch

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