Carbon Legislation Compliance

Carbon Legislation Compliance

There are a wide range of carbon taxes and legislative requirements that are designed to encourage energy efficiency and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. Legal compliance is important for organisation reputation and there have been significant enforcement penalties levied on non-compliant companies. However, it should be recognised that there are often valuable incentives that can be realised, such as reduced carbon taxes, project subsidies and levy exemptions.

Briar provide a managed service to reduce the cost of compliance and maximise the financial benefits. We operate across all levels of compliance to deliver a managed service that removes the legal, timescale and administrative pressures that emanate from carbon legislation.

Key opportunities include:

  • Reducing costs for compliance for DECs, EPCs, Air Con Inspections
  • Strategic DEC improvement programmes, projecting financial savings through step wise improvement to DECs across a building portfolio. We consider that the majority of buildings can achieve a ‘D’ operational rating through fast-track, practical, operational changes without investment.
  • EPC Assessment and modelling to protect building values through meeting “Minimum Energy Performance Standards “EPC E Rating”.
  • Heat network management to minimise metering costs.
  • Proactive ESOS programmes with guarantees of financial savings.
  • Climate Change Agreements that can deliver substantial reduction in Climate Change Levy costs, paid on performance basis, if required.
  • Grid Incentives and subsidies STOR, EDR etc.   Management applications for funding and project management of demand reduction projects.
  • Management of CRC, CCA, EUETS, Quality CHP and other carbon reporting.

Briar are pleased to review opportunities or provide free assessment of compliance/incentives

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