Carbon Management & Sustainability

Carbon Management & Sustainability

Carbon Management Plans

Briar have worked across the Public Sector to assist over 100 organisations to produce strategic Carbon Management Plans. These are essential to raise high level commitment and finance to enable the organisation to progress to deliver carbon reduction targets. Our technical expertise is valuable in identifying opportunities to deliver a robust, practical plan and we have worked for many organisations to upgrade and reinvigorate existing plans.

We are pleased to assist organisations establish their baseline performance, generate savings project registers and appropriately place the responsibility, then manage delivery reduction targets. A CMP will act to optimise the opportunity to reduce emissions and deliver long term energy savings to your organisation.

GHG Annual Reports

Green House Gas (GHG) reporting is a mandatory requirement for quoted companies under the Companies Act 2006 and is also adopted/encouraged in the Public Sector. GHG reporting covers buildings, process and transport emissions from the range of GHGs and hence the set up of a robust mechanism to capture and report annual emissions is important.

The disclosure of GHG emissions in an organisation’s annual report demands a proactive year-on-year approach to emission reduction in absolute or product intensity terms. Our expertise in reducing energy consumption enables the delivery of a robust saving strategy and demonstrates the organisation’s sustainable credentials.

Government Programmes

Briars have collaborated on a range of programmes to drive energy efficiency, including the major 1990’s Best Practice programme and the 2000’s Carbon Trust programmes.

Examples include:

Higher Education Carbon Management
Lead Consultant working with the Carbon Trust and Hefce to assist 46 Universities to deliver ambitious Carbon Management Plans.

Collaborative Low Carbon Schools Service
Following on from our successful development of a school service for the East Midlands (SCoRE), we worked on behalf of the Carbon Trust to direct and manage 43 Local Authorities to adopt our demonstrated strategy to deliver fast-track, no/low cost savings across their schools. This provided an average saving of 14% across the 400 schools. Saving £1.2M/year.

A key element of this programme was to develop and provide resources to train and transfer knowledge to the Local Authority as well as school staff. Many Local  Authorities continue to deliver this service to their schools on a rolling programme, delivering profound savings to education budgets.

See example delivery plan from Solihull

Energy Efficiency Training

Briar have provided training in energy management and energy saving technologies to a range of programme support staff. This has included site-based auditing training for programme Directors and Project Officers, workshops for helpline and customer support staff and a comprehensive programme to train an SME Advisor network (40 new auditors).

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