Energy Surveying & Auditing (ESOS)

Energy Surveying & Auditing (ESOS)

We have a dedicated team of Chartered Energy Engineers, Energy Managers, Low Carbon Assessors and ESOS Lead Auditors, who are experienced in delivering energy savings and cost reduction programmes across the Public Sector, commercial/retail and in most industrial processes.

Our audits and surveys are built flexibly to meet the clients’ needs from general opportunities surveys to detailed feasibility and preliminary designs. Our survey tools, project registers and management systems are designed to assist the journey to implementation and verification of the savings.

ESOS Programmes

Briar have developed our B-CoRe system to manage ESOS Compliance and provide a management system for the proactive implementation of the recommendations.

Briar have delivered over 130 ESOS Phase 1 programmes (2.1% of UK programme) and this has identified practical savings in excess of £26M/year. For larger organisations, it may be worth developing an ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard for Phase 2 Compliance and we are working with a range of clients to progress the initial gap analyse phase and instigation of an ISO 50001 system.

BMS Controls Doctor (Controls Optimisation)

Public sector and commercial buildings of scale are usually controlled from a centralised Building Management System (BMS). The BMS enables the control of all building services and monitoring and trend logging of building performance.

The emphasis amongst facility managers and BMS maintenance services is often to maintain functionality and rarely to optimise energy efficiency opportunities. Briar will always be able to deliver significant immediate savings by reviewing a building’s BMS operational settings, control algorithms and developing energy efficient solutions. We usually deliver savings of over 15% of building energy costs. This service is always a financial win for our clients delivering fast-track returns and an improved building environment.

Implementation, Verification & Performance Guarantees

Briar work with many clients to provide a turnkey management of our energy saving strategies. This commences with no cost and fast-track wins and progresses to capital investment measures.

We provide monthly reporting on progress and demonstrate savings through a number of methods appropriate to the technologies (calculations, metered savings, or portable instrument before/after monitoring). We are pleased to work with our fees paid on a performance basis, related to energy savings delivered.

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