Renewable Energy Design & Project Management

Renewable Energy Design & Project Management

Renewable Energy Design

Our Low Carbon, Mechanical & Electrical Design Team are experts in integrating renewable technologies into existing buildings and new building development, our designs have won many accolades from GEMs Awards to BREEAM Excellent Developments. We have a focus on achieving practical and financially viable renewables and understand the technical requirements and limitations of each technology. Whilst PV solar can be widely adopted, other thermal technologies such as CHP, biomass boilers and heat pumps need close matching and integration into the heating & control services to be successful.

We have broad experience in designing and project managing installations across all renewable technologies as well as managing the associated government backed renewable incentive schemes.

Our projects include:

  • PV Solar power generation
  • Wind turbine power generation
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Waste heat recovery (industrial processes)

We have delivered successful projects in Hospitals, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Care Homes, Swimming Pools, Business Centres and Industry.

Renewable Trouble Shooting

Renewables are often installed against client prerequisite requirements, building regulation/planning requirements or with limited understanding of building seasonal loads and integration needs. In particular, electrical load management to maximise the use of renewable electricity may not be considered, reducing the financial viability for power generation projects. Commonly, Biomass boiler installations underperform due to system standing losses, suboptimal system operation, or poor metering systems. We have worked to resolve issues and optimise a wide range of projects to improve understanding, operations and financial viability.

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