Water Procurement & Water Efficiency Savings

Water Procurement & Water Efficiency Savings

Competitive Water Procurement

The opportunity to reduce the costs of water, sewerage and effluent charges through competitive pricing is open to the majority of businesses will be open to the full market shortly in 2017. Now is the time to act and assess the opportunity to gain the greatest savings and benefit from improved service levels.

Water and Tariff Optimisation

There are a wide range of infrastructure issues that influence charges on your water bills. Typically, 20% of bills that we assess enable immediate savings to be identified. Key issues are:

  • Rateable valve/metering
  • Reduction in meter size
  • Non-return to sewers
  • Surface water drainage
  • Water/sewerage rates
  • Effluent charges
  • Retrospective recovery of mischarges

Water Efficiency Surveys

We provide water surveys to identify and implement water use reduction across buildings, commercial/industrial estates and industrial processes. Key elements include:

  • Benchmarking & Diagnostic tool to identify issues and potential savings
  • Water leakage assessment and detection
  • Investigation of anomalies using non-intrusive water meters
  • Survey of distribution, storage and points of use
  • Provision of savings project register for implementation

Water efficiency surveys typically deliver 20% savings, recovering the survey costs in a few months

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