Climate Change Agreement & CRC Management
Koito Europe Ltd


Koito Europe Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of vehicle lamps supplying the units for many of Europe’s most popular cars. They operate from their purpose built factory in the spa town of Droitwich. As part of a major international group, they are acutely conscious of global environmental concerns and Koito were keen to adopt a robust process for reducing their carbon footprint. The opportunity to enter a Climate Change Agreement was seen positively in providing a legal framework and a structured programme for energy saving with committed carbon reduction targets.


Briar worked closely with the Koito personnel to survey the industrial processes, identify all of the CCA eligible processes and establish the initial Climate Change Agreement in 2006. Since this time, as energy legislation has evolved we have continually updated the Agreement to ensure maximum participation in the CCA. Briar provide a full management service that includes monitoring of energy performance, projection of carbon performance against target and verification of financial savings. We collaboratively work with the on site staff to maintain an energy efficiency project register and all of the evidence/information and legal requirements for the Climate Change Agreement.

Financial Savings

Koito continue to evolve, installing state of the art manufacturing facilities incorporating low carbon technologies to drive down energy consumption and costs.

The financial savings emanating from reduction in CCL charges and savings from the Carbon Reduction Commitment exceed £250,000 per annum are an excellent incentive to look at further low carbon investments across the factory.