Electric Vehicle Charging:
Can you leverage the emerging opportunity?

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Future-proof your site and prepare for a decarbonised future


The UK government’s commitment to net zero, along with the planned ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 has brought sharply into focus the need for organisations to future-proof infrastructure.

We offer a full EV service solution that is managed entirely in house. Our service provides organisations with an EV charging solution that is fully integrated with the site’s facilities, while being simple to manage, reliable, and offering the necessary compliance and peace of mind.

Our solution is tailored to your needs, whether you're a business or public organisation. Our experienced team takes you from initial feasibility studies to seamless installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to EV infrastructure.

Benefits of installing EV charging points on your premises include:

  1. Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Attracting and retaining staff by enabling them to charge their own vehicles during the working day
  3. Gaining from a potential revenue stream by allowing visitors and local residents to utilise your charging facilities
  4. Contributing to improving the local air quality
  5. Supporting the essential transition to a decarbonised transport system

EV Charging feasibility studies: Analysing your requirements

We begin by conducting a thorough EV charging feasibility study to assess your site's suitability for charging infrastructure, to understand your specific requirements, and to evaluate potential challenges.

A site survey will assess the existing electrical infrastructure, switchgear and distribution board locations. We will consider possible locations for EV charging parking bays, assessing key factors such as cable routes, connections to existing distribution boards, builder’s work requirements and trenching. We will analyse electrical loads using half-hourly consumption data to determine the available capacity and therefore how many EV charging points can potentially be connected into the site’s existing electrical infrastructure. Our findings and solutions will be collated into a concise feasibility report, which will include a proposed EV charging solution strategy, estimated budget costs and recommendations for the next steps.


We will support you in selecting a contractor for the implementation of the EV charging point(s), which we will then project manage through to completion on your behalf.

We will produce a technical performance specification and drawing of the proposed electric vehicle charging solution, to ensure the installation meets British Standards. This will include the number and type of proposed EV charging points, and their location. We will also detail how the electrical connections from the existing site’s infrastructure will be made and outline the testing, commissioning and handover requirements.

We will issue the tender documents to contractors for pricing, and once tenders have been returned by the bidding contractors, we will produce a tender analysis report containing our recommendation. We will provide project management support to the chosen contractor for the installation which will include a pre-start meeting and monthly progress meetings for the duration of the installation contract.


Once the installation has been completed we will carry out an inspection of the installation at site at the point of contractor handover to ensure that it has been installed in accordance with the performance specification, ensuring all relevant testing and commissioning certificates have been issued.

What is the opportunity?

EV charge points offer organisations the opportunity for a revenue stream to help boost the return on investment in the technology.

Based on a simple assessment carried out for a site with two charging points, charged for four hours per day, an estimated net income of £7.84 per day could be possible based on a recharge cost of £0.22 p/kWh. This offers an estimated annual income of £2,862.

est annual income

Based on two charging points charged for four hours per day

How can Briar help?

We offer a full service solution that is managed entirely in-house. Our service provides organisations with a solution that is fully integrated with the site’s facilities, while being simple to manage, reliable, and offering the necessary
compliance and warranties for full peace of mind.


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