Meter Operator (MOP) & Data Collector (DC) Framework

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Energy Freedom


Zenergi has agreed exclusive rates for the delivery of our MOP and DCDA services. Your Relationship Manager will liaise with the suppliers to ensure your MOP and DCDA services are covered.

Why do I need a MOP and DCDA?

Organisations with a half-hourly electricity meter are required to have a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) agreement in place.

The Meter Operator is responsible for installing and maintaining the electricity meter. Briar can supply, install, operate and maintain all of your half-hourly (HH) metering and communications equipment, regardless of who your current energy supplier is.

Half-hourly metering gives you accurate information about how much energy you are using and is required for all electricity meters rated 70kVA and above.

The Data Collector collects your half-hourly consumption data through a remote communications link. The Data Aggregator is responsible for validating the data to pass to the supplier for billing and settlement purposes.

Good quality data is essential for managing your energy consumption, as well as ensuring you only pay for what you actually use. With our Data Collection and Aggregation (DCDA) service you could get a clearer and more accurate understanding of how much energy your organisation uses, and help identify opportunities to make significant energy savings and carbon reductions.

Meter faults and queries

Your Relationship Manager will keep you informed of any communication faults or necessary meter exchanges on your account and manage any issues to ensure prompt correction, avoiding any future billing issues.

Accuracy of bills and reporting

The framework allows us access to your consumption on a daily basis. This daily consumption feed supports reporting and ensures the accuracy of your bills. Identifying estimated consumption will allow us to promptly query and follow up with your supplier to avoid unnecessary catch up bills.


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