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Ensure compliance and optimise efficiency

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What is a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?

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First introduced in 2011 by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), a TM44 regulation inspection is where an accredited assessor comes out to inspect your air conditioning system.

The assessment will review the efficiency of your system, check for faults, and provide advice on how to make it more efficient to reduce the costs involved in running it. Following the inspection, a full report will be provided detailing findings, faults, and recommendations.

Investing in a TM44 inspection is a proactive step towards improving the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system. Not only will it help you save money in the long run, but it will also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Do I need a TM44?

Owners and managers of buildings must ensure that air conditioning systems with a power output of over 12kW comply with the regulation. This rule also applies to systems made up of multiple units, each with a power output of less than 12kW, but with a combined power output exceeding 12kW. The regulation applies to both commercial and residential properties. It is the duty of the individual in charge of the technical operation of the air conditioning system to arrange for an inspection every five years to ensure compliance.


Exclusive TM44 Inspection Offers

Publicly funded buildings

When a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is carried out with the TM44 we will provide a 30% discount on the TM44.

Commercial/Industrial buildings

When an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for MEES compliance is carried out with a TM44 we will provide a 20% discount to the price of the EPC.

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Why Choose Our TM44 Inspection Services?

A TM44 certificate and report is required for compliance purposes. Our service provides added value and return on your investment:

  1. Energy data usage and refrigerant quantities for each system on site
  2. Projection of the energy and operating cost of each system and for the whole site
  3. Energy costs and savings of implementing the assessors site recommendations
  4. The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is provided for each system
  5. Assessment of the actual occupancy hours to the settings to show savings
  6. Asset list for all Air Conditioning equipment and F-gas logbook
  7. Identification of inefficient systems for investment

Our TM44 inspections will provide a return on investment if the recommendations are acted upon.


Did you know?

The refrigerant used in air conditioning systems is thousands of times more damaging than carbon dioxide.

The cooling industry accounts for 10% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, predicted to increase to 20% by 2050.

Chemicals called Hydrofluocarbons (HFCs) are used in air conditioning for cooling but have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) thousands of times greater than CO2 if they leak.

Some HFCs are more than 13,000 times more harmful to the ozone layer, with the most commonly used typically 3,500 times more damaging.

This should be the most important consideration when evaluating whether you need to commission a TM44 inspection for your site.


The Importance and Benefits of TM44 Inspections

There are several benefits to having a TM44 inspection, not least, a company can avoid breaking the law and penalties for non-compliance.

Trading Standards will fine £500 for each building if the report is not provided to them upon request within seven days.

The central register is found at, providing visibility of the database for those buildings that have/haven’t lodged a compliance certificate.

A TM44 inspection examines the refrigeration, air and water movement equipment that are part of the air conditioning system and associated controls.

The report will make recommendations for replacing less efficient or oversized systems and offer insight on how to:

  1. Improve efficiency
  2. Reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions
  3. Decrease operating and maintenance costs
  4. Optimise controls and settings

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Case Studies

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TM44 compliance

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A-Z of Compliance

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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

Ensure compliance and optimise efficiency